Learn about big data and analytics from our certified experts to gain a competitive advantage

Business innovation enabled at our big data training sessions

Our classes range from overviews of what big data can do to help you transform your business to deep dives on big data tools and technologies needed to do analytics on your data. Our overview sessions are designed for managers wishing to gain knowledge of the technologies available. Our hands-on sessions are for developers, analysts and administrators and anyone who is looking to acquire new skills.

We have a variety of training which will enable you to:

  • Understand big data and how it can be applied to store, manage, process and analyze massive amounts of unstructured and poly-structured data.
  • Learn the latest technologies underpinning big data, including Hadoop, Hive/Pig, Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark Apache Nifi and Kylo and more.
  • Use big data tools to perform predictive analytics.
  • Determine how big data systems can complement traditional data warehousing and business intelligence solutions and processes.
  • Utilize big data to differentiate your business and provide better service to your customers.
  • Examine real-world case studies of how big data is influencing society and businesses.


Big Data Concepts and Hadoop Essentials Course 1 day £550

This one day course is for everyone interested in adopting big data or involved in data-driven business change and anyone who needs an overview of the Hadoop technology ecosystem. The course covers:

  • Concepts surrounding big data, analytics and new roles
  • Impact on business: why big data is changing society, industry and business
  • Technology issues: bottlenecks, distributed, Cloud, NoSQL, processing and software
  • Hadoop: how it works and addresses ALL the above bottlenecks

Introduction to Apache NiFi / Kylo - Virtual Training 2 Days £1295

This course provides an introduction to the concept of Data Lakes, and how Apache NiFi and Kylo may be used to develop and administer your Data Lake. Students can expect to learn how to construct data flows in Apache NiFi, and how to use Kylo to quickly and easily ingest data into, and wrangle data inside your Data Lake.

Hadoop Decoded Applications 3 days £1775

This course gives attendees the essential skills to build big data applications using Hadoop technologies such as HDFS, YARN, Apache Kafka, Apache Hive and Apache Spark, in an analytical ecosystem with Teradata components such as Teradata Database, Teradata Viewpoint and Teradata QueryGrid. 

Introduction to Data Science in the Big Data World - Virtual Training 3 days £1775

Introduction to Data Science is a three-day course that provides an introduction to the methods and tools of data science in a big data context. Delegates will be introduced to a variety of machine learning algorithms and how to use them in practical examples of real-world problems.

Apache Spark (Basic) on Hadoop 3 days £1775

This three-day course covers the essentials for developers who need to create applications to analyze big data stored in Apache Hadoop using Spark. Each student has their own Spark cluster and have access to dozens of hands-on labs.

Apache Spark (Advanced) on Hadoop 2 days £1295

The purpose of this 2-day training course is to acquaint you with Spark 2.0 functionality and Performance Tuning technique. It will cover the fundamentals of the Spark project, covering the basics of RDDs (Resilient Distributed Datasets) and the various operators used (Transformations and Actions).