Our Apache Spark training that will ensure you stay ahead of the game

Spark is a unified framework for big data analytics. Spark provides one integrated API for use by developers, data scientists, and analysts to perform diverse tasks that would have previously required separate processing engines such as batch analytics, stream processing and statistical modelling. Spark supports a wide range of popular languages including Python, R, Scala, SQL, and Java. Spark can read from diverse data sources and scale to thousands of nodes.

To acquire new skills in Apache Spark our certified experts offer hands-on training through open-enrollment and private on-site courses. Our courses are designed to help you to get up to speed leveraging Apache Spark for a range of use cases.


Databricks: Spark Overview (Spark 100) 1 day £595

This one day session, developed by Databricks, features a mix of hands-on technical exercises, brief lectures, demos, and case studies – structured to get developers up to speed leveraging Apache Spark for a range of use cases.

Databricks: Spark Programming (Spark 105) 3 days £1,895

This 3-day hands-on workshop will introduce you to Apache Spark with coding exercises and lectures. You will learn how to build and manage Spark applications using Spark’s core programming APIs and its standard libraries.

Databricks: Apache Spark for Machine Learning & Data Science (Spark 301) 3 days £1,895

This hands-on Apache Spark training targets experienced Data Scientists wishing to perform data analysis at scale using Apache Spark. This course covers an overview of Apache Spark, hands-on projects utilizing extract-transform-load operations (ETL), employing exploratory data analysis (EDA), building machine learning models, evaluating models and performing cross validation.