Kylo: Boosting Business Returns with Faster and Smarter Data Lakes

Over the past several years, organizations building Hadoop-enabled data lakes have often struggled with the challenges that come with custom engineering open source solutions. Most organizations in this position are willing to absorb the pain of early adoption for the promise of big data insights. However, when data is lodged in silos, locked-down due to security and governance access or bogged down by software release cycles, big data programs cannot deliver business value.

That’s why, in February 2017, Think Big introduced Kylo, a next generation open source data lake management software platform. Kylo has been built on years of global expertise involving over 150 successful engagements in leading financial services, retail, telecoms, manufacturing and insurance companies to name a few. Kylo provides automated data pipelines in weeks, rather than months – incorporating data quality, security, governance, operational monitoring and alerting, data preparation and profiling as well as user data access. To find out more, download the whitepaper.

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