Find key insights in your data

Work with our expert Data Scientists to help tackle your most important business challenges and opportunities through a collaborative process

Our Rapid Analytic Consulting Engagement (RACE) is based on an agile, experimental process to find and test new insights in your data. RACE engagements produce results in weeks, not months. RACE leverages Teradata’s Business Value Framework (BVF), utilizing our years of industry and analytics consulting expertise across industry to identify and drive the highest value outcomes for your business.

A RACE engagement consists of three primary phases:

  1. Align: our industry and analytics consultants work with your teams to identify the highest potential use cases. We identify the key data assets to support each use case, and validate their availability
  2. Create: our Data Scientists develop and execute experiments to test key hypotheses. This phase involves rapid iterations with the business sponsors to ensure the analytic insights will produce targeted business outcomes
  3. Evaluate: our consultants help document the potential returns available by deploying the new analytics and can help develop a deployment plan for you

Teradata Velocity Services

Teradata Velocity Services help organizations along their data and analytics journey. From Strategy and Design to Support and Training, our teams of experts can help your organization solve your toughest analytic challenges to address your most important business opportunities.