Find new and revolutionary ways to derive value from your data

Our experts thrive from continually exploring and discovering ideas that will transform your business and put you ahead of your competition

Conventional Business Intelligence (BI) is about looking for and reporting on the overt facts from a data source. Data Science applies complex mathematics and machine learning models to tease out insights that are not yet apparent. Our experts are passionate about finding new and innovative ways to do things. We build algorithms to examine your data to find patterns, exceptions and distributions that will enable you to analyze your data set from angles you may not have previously considered.

The Think Big Rapid Analytic Insights is an exploratory service to help our customers uncover new capabilities, discover new insights, test new ideas and share best practices. The service assumes that a set of hypothesis are agreed during the first week and further explored throughout the entire exercise. This is an exercise aimed at testing new ideas, discovering hidden insights about business issues, sharing best practices for a specific use case and finding the root cause and potential solutions for existing issues.

Think Big Rapid Analytic Insights offering covers four key areas:

  • Business and data workshops: workshops held with key stakeholders to transform your chosen use case into an analytics problem and agree a hypothesis to test during the experiment, as well as to gather data and information for the project
  • Experiment deployment: linking data with existing business processes and technology, preparing data for the experiment and if required, developing models and visualization tools for the experiment
  • Experiment testing: Validating the initial results of the experiment with respective owners, making sure the hypotheses are being answered and calibrating data, models and tools accordingly
  • Experiment results: Running a final workshop to present a demo about the experiment, documenting the experiment use case, methodologies and key results and socializing the results

Velocity provides a proven set of services to help organizations wherever they are on their big data journey. From Strategy & Architecture, Analytic Solutions, Data Science, Data LakeManaged Services and Training our teams of experts can help your organization to turn your big data challenges into solutions and tangible business outcomes, faster and at low risk.