MapR tuition will place you one step ahead in your community

Brush up your skills in Hadoop, Apache Spark, HBase, Pig & Hive


As the only MapR certified training delivery partner in EMEA, we provide public and on-site MapR Administrator training courses across the region. Whether you are a developer or an administrator we can help you to develop your skills in:

  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Solving problems
  • Architecting
  • Writing programs / applications
  • Debugging
  • Enhancing workflows & project management


MapR: Administration Bootcamp 3 days £1895

The course focuses on system administrator concepts and practices, including planning, installation and configuration, deployment issues, performance, setting up a Hadoop cluster with direct access NFS, snapshots, monitoring cluster health, resolving hardware issues and troubleshooting job errors.

Hadoop Cluster Administration on MapR 3 Days £1,895

Learn MapR systems administrator concepts and practices including planning, installation, and configuration, tuning and solving problems running the MapR distribution for Apache Hadoop.

HBase Applications Design and Build 3 Days £1,725

Learn how to architect and write HBase programs using Hadoop as a distributed NoSQL datastore. This course introduces HBase architecture, the HBase data model, and the most important APis for writing programs. The course also introduces schema design, performance tuning, bulk-loading of data, and storing complex data structures.

Developing Hadoop Applications 2 Days £1,195

This course teaches developers how to write Hadoop applications using MapReduce and YARN in Java. The course covers debugging, managing jobs, improving performance, working with custom data, managing workflows, and using other programming languages for MapReduce.

Data Analysis with Pig & Hive 2 Days £1,395

This course covers how Hive emulates SQL in a Hadoop cluster. The course also covers dataflow languages and how to create efficient data flows through Hadoop using Pig.

Developing Apache Spark Applications 3 days £1,895

This course enables you to get started developing big data applications with Apache Spark. In the first part of the course, you will use Spark’s interactive shell to load and inspect data. The course then describes the various modes for launching a Spark application. You will then go on to build and launch a standalone Spark application. The concepts are taught using scenarios that also form the basis of hands-on-labs.