Our unique, scalable platform accelerates time-to-market while reducing costs

By using modern technologies, Kylo™ delivers improved quality, security and governance



Organizations have tried to build complex, custom-engineered and Hadoop-enabled solutions in-house that often lack governance, security and quality control. These complex projects have become too costly and time consuming, resulting in business users losing interest and significant loss of the investment.

With these challenges in mind, Think Big has built Kylo™ on eight years of global expertise involving 200+ data lake projects in global banking, telecoms, retail and more. Kylo™ is a solutions platform for delivering data lakes on Hadoop and Spark. The benefits of Kylo™ include:

  • Scale for the future: makes it easy to scale data lakes to large numbers of data feeds with a template approach and a visual interface to simplify creating and modifying them with security built-in
  • Easy to use: includes an intuitive user interface for self-service data ingest and wrangling (no coding required!), allowing more IT professionals to access the data lake
  • Metadata management: provides metadata tracking, allowing data stewards and data scientists to quickly catalog, discover and qualify data and understand the accuracy of data
  • Operational monitoring: offers an operations dashboard for SLA tracking and feed monitoring
  • Best-of-breed technology: built on modern open source frameworks such as Apache Spark and Apache NiFi

The Kylo™ journey is a three step process that addresses the key stages of data lake ingestion, transformation and discovery:

what is kylo?

  1. Ingest: there are many tools that ingest batch data, but few that will work to ingest streaming or real-time data. Kylo™ supports a mixture of both.
  2. Prepare: using Kylo™, companies are able to pull apart and understand their data better. Kylo™ helps to cleanse data in order to improve its quality and to accredit data governance.
  3. Discover: once your data has been ingested, cleansed and installed in the data lake, your analysts and data scientists can begin to search and find what data is available to them. Kylo™ makes this data discovery simple, allowing users to build queries to access the data in order to build data products that support analysis.

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