HDP Operations: Security

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This course is designed for administrators who need to implement and maintain secure HDP clusters. Topics include: known security issues in HDP, HDP security platforms and prerequisites, Kerberos and HDP, Ambari Server security, and Apache Ranger and Knox.


3 days

Who is the course for

Experienced HDP Administrators that need to implement security in their Enterprise HDP clusters.


Students should be familiar with HDP Administration principles and tools covered in the HDP Operations: Hadoop Administration I and Hadoop Administration II courses. Previous experience with Active Directory/LDAP and Kerberos is also helpful but not required.

Course Outline

Hands-on Labs

  • Explain the principles of security in HDP
  • Understand and exploit default HDP security issues
  • Identify key HDP security platforms for administration, authentication, authorization, audit and data protection
  • Understand HDP security prerequisites
  • Use Kerberos as part of HDP authentication
  • Compare Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) alternatives
  • Describe how Ambari and HDP cluster nodes integrate with user/group management systems
  • Detail Kerberos strong authentication and architecture
  • Compare options for KDC master and slave implementations
  • Configure Ambari and HDP for Kerberos
  • Establish a trust between Active Directory and KDC
  • Secure Ambari Server instances
  • Encrypt Ambari database and passwords
  • Configure Ambari for LDAP or Active Directory authentication
  • Set up HTTP/SSL
  • Enable SPNEGO authentication for HDP
  • Implement Ranger and Ranger KMS
  • Configure Apache Solr
  • Configure HDFS encryption and encryption zones
  • Describe Ranger plug-in integration
  • Implement Knox
  • Secure Ambari Viewas



  • Explore and exploit the HDP cluster
  • Integrate Active Directory
  • Karberize the cluster
  • Secure Ambari
  • Install Ranger
  • Install and exercise Ranger KMS
  • Utilizing Ranger plug-ins
  • Install and validate Knox
  • Secure Ambari Views

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19 - 21marchmar 199:00 ammar 21HDP Operations: SecurityLondon, UK9:00 am - 5:00 pm (21) GMT Teradata UK


18 - 20junejun 189:00 amjun 20HDP Operations: SecurityLondon, UK9:00 am - 5:00 pm (20) GMT Teradata UK