MapR: Hadoop Operations: Cluster Administration

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This introductory course is designed to teach Hadoop administrators how to install, configure and maintain a MapR Hadoop cluster. You will learn how to test hardware for performance consistency, install The MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop, create baseline benchmarks, and configure and maintain a Hadoop cluster. The course includes extensive hands-on labs with real-word system administrator scenarios, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) clusters.


3 days

Who is the course for

System administrators who are (or will be) in charge of installing, architecting and maintaining Hadoop – prior Hadoop knowledge is not required.


Attendees should have:

  • Basic Hadoop knowledge
  • A background in Linux system administration (are able to navigate the Linux file system, use an editor at the command-line interface, add users/groups, and execute common commands)
  • A Linux system, PC or Mac with access to ssh and scp (using PuTTy, Cygwin, or similar tools)

What you will learn

Overview of big data

  • The Big Data Challenge
  • Hadoop Basics
  • Introduction to Map/Reduce

Course Outline

Overview of the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop

Pre-install Cluster Considerations

  • Testing CPU and RAM
  • Testing Storage Throughout
  • Testing Network Performance
  • Service Layout and High Availability
  • Cluster Planning

Installing the MapR Distribution

Post-Install Testing

  • Using Benchmarks

Preparing for Use

  • Tuning the Cluster
  • Scheduling
  • Allocating and Managing Resources

Configuring Cluster Storage Resources

  • Planning Cluster Topologies
  • Storage Components: Disks, Nodes, Storage Pools, Containers, and Volumes
  • Working with Volumes

Data Ingestion, Access, and Availability

  • Accessing the Cluster
  • Creating Snapshots
  • Creating Mirror Volume
  • Multiple Clusters and Disaster Recovery
  • MapR Tables and Data Ingestion

Cluster Monitoring

  • Setting up Email
  • Configuring and Responding to Alarms
  • Cluster Monitoring and Tools

Ongoing Cluster Maintenance

  • Analysing Tools and Logs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Managing Services
  • Adding, Removing and Replacing Disks
  • Adding, Removing and Replacing Nodes


50% Lecture
50% Labs

Additional Information

This course prepares you for the MapR Certified Hadoop Developer (MCHD) certification exam.


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