MapR: Hive and Pig

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This course covers how Hive emulates SQL in a Hadoop cluster. The course also covers dataflow languages and how to create efficient data flows through Hadoop using Pig.


2 days

Who is the course for

  • Data Analysts, Architects, Developers and System administrators


Attendees should have:

  • Cluster and executing various commands and sample programs
  • Connected to a Hadoop cluster via SSH and web browser
  • Some basic familiarity with both Hadoop and traditional SQL database concepts is helpful but not required

What you will learn


  • Learn about data types and storage formats in Hive
  • Design Databases, Tables, Indexes, and Views
  • How to analyze and manipulate data using Hive on large data sets
  • Includes Hands on lab


  • Learn concept of a Data Flow Language and how to create efficient data flows through Hadoop
  • Explore what data is supported and the different forms it might take
  • Learn how Pig can be used to transform data. Explore some advanced topics on debugging flows, flow optimization and some enterprise level features of Pig.


  • 50% Lecture
  • 50% Labs

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