Reducing costs and accelerating business outcomes from your enterprise data

Our battle-tested solutions enable modern data analytics and real-time responsiveness

In an increasingly competitive market, companies are becoming pressured to realize business value from big data. Acting as foundations for data analytics, the use of tailored data lake solutions has proven more challenging and costly than most companies originally anticipated. Companies worldwide have been pouring hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of hours into custom engineered data lakes to allow them to store and process large volumes faster and cheaper. However, regardless of these multi-million dollar investments, more often than not, many complex data lakes fail because they take too long to build, resulting in key business stakeholders losing interest. As a consequence of this, companies waste budget and hours of their teams’ time.

At Think Big, we have dealt with it all. Our experience is based on hundreds of projects with clients in building enterprise-wide data management platforms and tailored Data Lake solutions, which scale to accommodate ever-evolving business needs. Based on specific on-premise, cloud and hybrid requirements, as a one-stop shop, our Data Lake solutions link together world-class engineering and data science. The business benefits of our proven Data Lake services are:

  • Speed to market: accelerating your big data program, ensuring your launch stays on budget and ahead of the competition
  • Growth through innovation: by prioritizing your use cases, you will be able to generate business value faster
  • Delivery on budget and time: having years of experience in building scalable data lakes, we accelerate deployment to your agreed budget
  • Enabling real-time data analytics: we build scalable data lakes in collaboration with your team to empower data analytics and real-time responses
  • Future-proofed infrastructure: our unrivalled expertise in emerging technologies guarantees solutions fit to scale as your business needs evolve

Velocity provides a proven set of services to help organizations wherever they are on their big data journey. From Strategy & Architecture, Analytic Solutions, Data Science, Data LakeManaged Services and Training our teams of experts can help your organization to turn your big data challenges into solutions and tangible business outcomes, faster and at low risk.