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19th September 2017

Tackling Fraud with AI: banking’s secret weapon

11th September 2017

Danske Bank: Innovating in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to Detect Sophisticated Fraud

25th August 2017

Blockchain in your supply chain: What’s all the hype about?

24th August 2017

What today’s machine learning and AI is and is not

7th August 2017

Age of the Machines – Predicting the Human and Machine Partnerships

31st July 2017

Empowering Analytics Through Innovation

13th July 2017

Your Data Needs You – Why driving change is the key to successful analytics

10th July 2017

Five focus areas for success in Advanced Analytics

7th July 2017

Not just a Senior Software Engineer – Robert the Swordsman

4th July 2017

Not just a Data Scientist – Thomas the Skydiver