Empower your big data journey with our full-lifecycle Velocity Services

Become more data-driven. Unlock the value in your complex data.


VelocityTM Services = SPEED + Direction. 


Think Big is an international professional services organization aimed at big data and open source. We meet you with services at any point in your initiative with our full-lifecycle big data services. Together, we move forward, step-by-step, to achieve a positive, agreed-upon outcome. Think Big accomplishes this through agile deployment and skills to help you continuously innovate, develop, deploy, manage and optimize big data solutions.

Why Think Big Velocity?

  • Accelerating time-to-value and getting big data right – Think Big delivers solutions faster than competing approaches. Assuming a year-long project, if Think Big could deliver business value three months faster than competing approaches, what would that mean to your business?
  • Driving big data into production – Gartner predicts that “60% of big data projects through 2017 will fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation, and will be abandoned.” At Think Big, we help companies get past pilot and into production, while accelerating business value.
  • Reduced risk and increased returns – Hadoop can be hard, but using expert consulting resources from Think Big can help you overcome your big data challenges.

Accelerators and Frameworks

With more than six years of experience in open-source, we’ve codified best practice methodologies and templates to help accelerate the time-to-value for a big data project. Think Big has also built IP and code that helps to deliver world class engineering and data science. These frameworks allow us to utilize a flexible approach that works for building big data systems today, but always with an eye towards the future.

  • Data-Lab – Think Big Analytics has built Data-Lab as a data science accelerator, which enables us to deliver rapid insights and business outcomes using the latest advanced analytics tools and techniques through out Rapid Analytic Insights offering.

Commitment to Open Source

  • Kyloan open source platform for creating a data lake solution. Kylo includes an intuitive user interface for self-service data ingest and wrangling, provides metadata tracking, including lineage, and offers an operations dashboard for SLA tracking and feed monitoring.
  • Presto – Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine designed for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes.  Through a single query, Presto allows you to access data where it lives, including in Hadoop, Apache Cassandra™, relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL or even proprietary data stores.
  • Covalent – Covalent is a UI Platform that combines proven design language with a comprehensive web framework, built on Angular & Angular-Material (Design). Covalent gives you a quickstart to build a modern web application UI and ensure consistency across your enterprise products.

From test, to pilot, and then to production, Think Big Velocity Services help our clients think big, start smart and scale fast!


Think Big Velocity is a trademark of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the US and worldwide.