Big Data Capability Assessment

Minimizing risks while maximizing returns with the first-to-market big data readiness assessment

As complex big data programs often require a significant investment, shareholders expect great results in return. However, organizations planning to embark on a big data journey often lack understanding of their internal capabilities: they may not be aware of the best-suited technologies, how to build a scalable architecture, or have the right skills and processes in place to ensure successful big data adoption.

With these challenges in mind, Think Big have developed Big Data Capability Assessment (BDCA), a unique, first-to-market approach to big data assessment. BDCA assesses and measures the capabilities of three streams essential to establishing a reliable foundation and successful big data deployment:

  • Technology: is your current infrastructure capable of realizing your organization’s big data vision? Have you deployed the best-suited tools?
  • Business: is your organization ready to start execution and understand where investment is required in order to accelerate delivery and ROI?
  • Governance: are you confident that your big data program can be delivered successfully and securely, and that investment is safeguarded in the short and long-term?

To protect your big data investment in the short and long-term, it is imperative to conduct frequent health checks to ensure capabilities are aligned with evolving business objectives.

By underpinning our Velocity Services, BDCA provides a structured base for an effective big data implementation. Not only does it provide an assessment of maturity around the key stages of big data adoption, but it also accelerates your big data strategy by presenting recommendations and a roadmap on how to successfully progress with your big data deployment.

BDCA uses a scorecard to assess a customer’s ability to score across four streams: technology, technology operations, business and governance. Each area is scored on a scale of 0-5 against maturity criteria that identifies the extent to which capability (if any) exists.




Benefits & Outcomes

Architecture – An assessment of whether your technology stack is capable of realising your big data vision.

Technology Guidance – Recommendations of best-suited solutions.

Operations – Whether your business can operate and deliver a scalable, reliable and agile data platform.



Benefits & Outcomes

Execution Readiness – To understand whether your business can capitalize on big data solutions.

Investment Evaluation – To establish where investment is required to accelerate the delivery and ROI.


Benefits & Outcomes

Trust – A capability assessment to ensure your program is delivered successfully and securely.

Confidence – A process evaluation to safeguard program investments.

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