Best practice review and definition of an architecture to support your immediate use cases and the future

Avoid the risk of adopting scale-limited solutions and technologies by implementing a robust and scalable architecture

When it comes to costly big data implementations, businesses can’t afford to take chances. Open source distributed computing can present even the most tech-savvy companies with overwhelming challenges. Without a well-defined architecture, the number of moving parts and technology compatibility pitfalls impact your project early on. 

Think Big’s Big Data Architecture Review approach provides expert recommendations and joins your business, architecture and use case objectives to align them with your overall strategy. We work with your team to understand your immediate use cases and combine that with our best practice approach, to define an implementation plan that fits your short-term delivery schedule and long-term business goals. This makes for an architecture that is both strategic and also designed to scale to support a full vision and roadmap. We de-risk your decision making process to ensure you select an informed architecture that can scale extensively, remain secure and operational into deployment and production. 

Our customers report the following Think Big Architecture Review benefits:

  • A business-driven and robust architecture: we assess your current architecture and propose both a high-level short and long-term architecture, designed to support specified use cases and your business roadmap
  • Boosted efficiency: we ensure you have improved understanding of both your governance and architectural patterns
  • Governance and deployment: we provide best practice around data governance, ingestion and cluster design
  • Technology assessment: we give you an evaluation and recommendations for the best-suited tools that will enable the build of a scalable architecture

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