Introduction to Apache NiFi / Kylo™ Training Course

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The Introduction to Apache NiFi / Kylo™ training course is for general audiences interested in learning more about these technologies. Students can expect to learn the underlying concepts and overview of NiFi and Kylo™, some important use cases and data ingestion patterns.


2 days

Who is the Kylo™ training course for?

General Audiences


No prerequisite training or skills are required prior to taking the course

Course Outline


Day 1 – Introduction to Apache NiFi and Kylo™ Training Course
Data Lakes are becoming critical components in enterprises adopting Hadoop and other open source distributed computing solutions. Students will learn concepts and an overview of both Apache NiFi and Kylo™.

  • What is a Data Lake?
  • Apache NiFi overview and capabilities, and demo
  • Apache Nifi in practice; Hands-on lab
    • Apache NiFi Terminology
    • Downloading and installing basics
    • Starting Apache NiFi
    • Apache NiFi GUI tour
    • Adding a processor
    • Connecting processors
    • Starting and Stopping processors
    • Available processors
    • Data ingestion
    • Attribute extraction
    • Data transformation
    • Building a sample flow
    • Apache NiFi Expression Language

Day 2 – Apache NiFi and Kylo™
Students will dive deeper into Apache NiFi and design new flows in Apache NiFi to register with Kylo™. Students will learn Think Big ingestion patterns and best practices for designers, including how to troubleshoot issues in the Apache NiFi flow and logs. Apache NiFi training will be at a more advanced level

  • Architecture: Apache NiFi and Kylo™
  • Use cases and reuse cases
  • Concept of creating models with Apache NiFi and registering with Kylo™
  • Kylo™ features covered:
    • Register template with Kylo™
    • Test template/flow
    • Registration metadata concepts
    • Import/export templates
    • Design best practices
    • Understand access control
    • How to test a feed (drop file, query data, view data, view data profile, etc)
    • Modify/delete/export/import feeds
    • Intro to Ops Mgr module and how to use


30 - 31maymay 309:00 ammay 31Introduction to Apache NiFi/Kylo™London, UK9:00 am - 5:00 pm (31) GMT Teradata UK


14 - 15augustaug 149:00 amaug 15Introduction to Apache NiFi/Kylo™London, UK9:00 am - 5:00 pm (15) GMT Teradata UK