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Think Big has developed an Apache Cassandra course for developers and administrators, which showcases the flexibility and power of the product. This training can be taken by attending our public classroom course or booking an onsite or virtual class for your team.


Apache Cassandra 2.x Core Internals 3 Days £1,775

This is a fast-paced, vendor agnostic, technical course that focuses on the key aspects of the technology for developers and system operations staff, covering core internal and distributed architecture fundamentals of Apache Cassandra, including Spark / Cassandra integration.

This session will include:

  • Identifying the correct use cases for Cassandra
  • Introducing you to the core concepts of the distributed architecture of the Cassandra database
  • A deep dive into the internal architecture of the read/write paths of Cassandra: bloom filters, block indexes, commit-log, memtables, sstables, compaction, etc.
  • The fundamentals of how to write Java code to interact with Cassandra
  • Data modelling using CQL using the newest features of Cassandra 2.x and how to apply these concepts to build real applications on top of Cassandra
  • Spark/Cassandra integration