Your big data project is safe in the hands of our team of experts

We keep on top of your solutions to ensure your business continues to benefit and grow

Rapid technological developments and the ever-evolving big data landscape mean it’s often hard for our customers to find the time to manage and maintain platforms that are already in place. On top of this, due to the surge in competition to find the best people in the industry, many organizations lack staff with the right skills and knowledge required to continually monitor and maintain these solutions to ensure the business progresses.

Our customers are increasingly requesting solutions we have implemented are also maintained, reviewed and updated on an as-a-service basis. Our analytics managed services enable your organization to maintain and update previously built solutions and models to ensure you always make decisions based on the most current patterns and insights. Our Analytic Optimize and Manage customers benefit from:

  • Experts with the most up-to-date knowledge: we help clients who lack available resources to facilitate updating and maintaining models and tools and/or lack the right skill set to operate such solutions
  • Fast and flexible turnaround: we are there to support clients who want the flexibility to update and change front-end tools in days, not months or years
  • Alignment with business processes: we ensure that our clients’ tools/solutions are linked with their operational process so that they can act, monitor and measure the benefit

Types of Analytic Optimize and Manage services:

  • Models maintenance: periodically review the models and if necessary update the models, validation review and new models with business, document review and new models and publish reviewed models.
  • Tools maintenance: Periodically update the front-end tools developed during an implementation, validate updates with the business, document changes and deploy updated tools.

Velocity provides a proven set of services to help organizations wherever they are on their big data journey. From Strategy & Architecture, Analytic Solutions, Data Science, Data LakeManaged Services and Training our teams of experts can help your organization to turn your big data challenges into solutions and tangible business outcomes, faster and at low risk.