Bring our Data Science expertise to bear on your top business challenges and opportunities

Minimizing risk as we innovatively pursue new business problems, new analytics and new data

Successfully applying advanced analytical techniques such as machine learning can challenge even the most tech-savvy companies. Our Data Science team can help build and augment your ability to harness such advanced methods to discover and act upon new insights about your customers, partners and internal operations.

Our Advanced Analytics and Data Science approach works in conjunction with you and will assist in developing an analytics culture within your organization to drive further insights and enable better decision making. Our Data Scientists build models using a wide variety of analytic techniques to provide new and important insight into your business. We utilize a wide arsenal of commercial and open source tools, allowing us to use the right tool for the right job in harmony with your current analytical tools and skills.

Our Advanced Analytics and Data Science teams help customers every day:

  • Innovate quickly: our experts benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience to reduce cycle times and accelerate the path to realize business value
  • Build capabilities: our engagements demonstrate the “art of the possible” and help advance a culture of analytics, driving data-driven decision-making
  • Focus on operationalization: even the most important insights are worthless unless acted upon. Our balanced approach blends Data Science with solid system engineering and development experience so new analytics can be put to work quickly and easily

Teradata Velocity Services

Teradata Velocity Services help organizations along their data and analytics journey. From Strategy and Design through to Support and Training, our teams of experts can help your organization solve your toughest analytic challenges to address your most important business opportunities.