Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company… just became bigger.

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Rick Farnell, SVP Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company

As part of our Teradata transformation initiative, in June 2017, we introduced a new unifying organizational structure for our services units called Teradata Global Services. This is to solidify the company’s commitment to providing customers with a broad spectrum of consulting and services all aimed at helping them achieve high-impact business outcomes through analytics at scale on Teradata’s everywhere strategy.

Our new Teradata Global Services structure consists of three units: Think Big Analytics, Enterprise Data Consulting and Customer Support Services – all integrated through Teradata Velocity™ portfolio of services, and all working together to help customers deliver analytics at scale, on top of a world class, Teradata agile data platform. 


I have the privilege of leading our new Think Big Analytics Global unit, and indeed it’s an exciting time for our organization, customers and partners. Our mission is to build strong customer partnerships to deliver business focused, value-creating analytics on an agile data foundation that drives TCore (Teradata Database Software) and Teradata software growth. We will enable Teradata to continue on its path to becoming the leading provider of analytical solutions by creating, packaging, and implementing new Teradata analytics offerings with our customers and partners.

In the new Think Big Analytics unit, we have combined the legacy Think Big group, Claraview and Analytic Business Consulting. We’ve integrated Claraview into Think Big Analytics. Acquired by Teradata in 2008, Claraview is the industry leader in business intelligence, data visualization, and user experience design services for data and analytics. Second, we’ve integrated Teradata’s former business consultants who specialize in one of our key industries. The result is a new Think Big Analytics with more than 1,000 consultants worldwide, who now form the Teradata foundation for all advanced analytics capabilities, including: industry consulting, delivery excellence, data science, deep learning and artificial intelligence, visualization and design thinking, analytic software development and analytics as a service.

Make it happen

Thanks to a sustained, strategic commitment by Teradata, the journey of Think Big Analytics  during the last few years has been transformative. We’ve expanded the unit’s reach into 17 new markets across Teradata’s International businesses in Europe and Asia Pacific. We’re also expanding our capabilities in Latin America and are investing in our analytics talent and resources in our global delivery centers in India, Prague, Manilla and Salt Lake City. In the last 3 years, we have honed our practices to help enterprises scale their analytics investments and operationalize those investments with the rigor and maturity they deserve.


I’m committed to continuing to scale Think Big Analytics as an agile, innovative organization. Our focus is on solving complex business problems via an in-depth understanding of customer needs. I’m asking every Think Big Analytics consultant to not only continue providing outstanding customer service, but to contribute to the development of new intellectual property to support our Teradata solutions and their delivery through repeatable, scalable and more cost effective frameworks.

We’ve created an emerging practices group that is currently dedicated to nurturing our fast growing data science and analytics ops business in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning. Although large enterprises have made advancements in these areas here and there, most of our customers want help in cutting through the hype around these trends. We are helping our customers incorporate more AI into their analytics environments, and in a scalable manner, helping them to evolve from AI-generated business insights to truly automated decisioning that will drive their business into the future of the digitization age.

I’m excited about our new Teradata Strategy and the part Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company will play. We have a tremendous line up with our Teradata everywhere approach and are actively helping customers improve their business with data and advanced analytics using our Hybrid cloud capabilities. I’m honoured to lead a world-class team set to launch into this fast growing global analytics market. We’re thrilled to help our Teradata customers solve their most complex and challenging analytics opportunities. If you have any thoughts or suggestions to share, feel free to comment below.


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  1. Think Big Analytics hosts a combination of think big group,claraview and analytic business consulting . And it has many benefits which interns results in it’s success.

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