Maximizing the Value of Big Data with Kylo™: 3 Real-Life Use Cases

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Enterprise-ready, open source data lake management platform, Kylo™, is built on Apache Spark, NiFi and Hadoop to help organizations get the most value out of their data. Using Kylo™, Think Big has been able to help customers to integrate and simplify pipeline development and data management tasks, resulting in faster time to market and greater user adoption. From data lake build struggles, to building complex transformations in just 9 weeks instead of months or even years, Kylo™ enables organizations to significantly reduce costs across the board.

Kylo™ is already in use across a number of FTSE top 1,000 clients, and is able to serve organizations across all vertical sectors, from financial services and retail, to manufacturing, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics.

Read further to discover the successes our customers are already experiencing from using Kylo™:

  1. The Use of Kylo™ to Unveil Customer Insights for a Multinational Beverage Company
    Our client is the US branch of one of the largest multinational beverage companies in the world. Think Big have been working with the client on a large scale program for nearly two years, using Kylo™ to help the organization to get the most out of its Hadoop investment and to democratize data across the organization while applying advanced analytics. The beverage company was struggling with disparate data sets across departments. When questions and queries came in that didn’t fit into its traditional style reports, they became a time consuming, manual activity. The business wanted the capability to query data in a single environment, and to explore and take more risks with new data sets. Kylo™ enables businesses to create pipelines with ease, and to improve data quality. Using Kylo™, the company are able to standardize data quality checks, making it easier for the business to govern its data. Further, Kylo™ has given the business users easier access to data, and the ability to do complex transformations on that data. By empowering data analytics, the customer is now able to gain insight into buying patterns, shelf optimization, loyalty card shopper data and even the potential impacts of the sugar tax in the US.
  2. Using Kylo™ to Drive Business Value in Complex Data for a Financial Services Giant
    Well known for their loans and savings products, our client is the largest credit card company in the US. The credit card company recently embarked on a strategic Hadoop partnership with Think Big, using Kylo™ to meet its open source Hadoop requirements.The financial services firm was experiencing long lead times when introducing new sources to their Hadoop data lake, as well as pent up demand from click stream data, call center logs and other third party data sources.The organization wanted to manage their data as a business asset, and, as a financial company, to manage security risk as a top priority. They also wanted to ensure that they could collect raw data to improve their fraud detection and drive competitive advantage through more effective marketing. Once the initial Kylo™ foundation was laid, Think Big ensured that the company’s architects and developers were well positioned to proactively take over the new data sources.
  3. The Use of Kylo™ to Create a ‘Single Source of Truth’ for a Multinational Grocery Retailer
    Our client is one of the largest retailers in the world and has stores across 12 countries in Asia and Europe. For the past year, our team of data experts have been working with the client to help them redirect the company’s entire data strategy, and use Kylo™ to create a single platform as ‘one source of truth’ for all transactions happening online and in stores across the business. Using Kylo™, the customer has been able to consolidate data into one place where different parts of the business can query it. Because of the reduced administrative burden in ingesting and querying data, the customer has been able to focus on improving the quality of its data. Working with Think Big, the customer now has the ability to use clickstream data from all their websites, as well as point of sale transactions from the stores to enable multi-channel recommendation marketing online. Following the initial Kylo™ engagement, Think Big will work with the client to continue to re-define this large business as a data organization, by providing further consultancy and training around the analytics, processing and publishing of data.

“The calibre of talent on the team is top notch. Open source projects like Kylo™ thrive or wither based on corporate participation. It is important to Discover that there is an active open source community.”

Kylo™: Helping Companies to Evolve

The benefits of Kylo™ have been witnessed by many already, with an increasing number of organizations regularly signing up to embark on the journey. From unveiling detailed customer insights and driving business value in complex data, to creating a single source of truth and helping companies to meet their open source requirements, Kylo™ enables organizations gain in-depth intelligence, and stay one step ahead of their competitors. Also, Kylo™ empowers the management of enterprise data as a business asset to ensure that security and governance are a top priority.

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