Why Training is the Foundation to Become a Data-Driven Organization

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Big data is no longer a choice – it’s a must. With an increasing number of large and small companies alike jumping on the bandwagon, the market has witnessed a skills shortage – whether it is data scientists, engineers, project managers, developers – the list goes on and on. Having worked in the big data space for years, our Training Director, Jasmine Huxtable-Wright, shares her views on why training is the key foundation for any organization wishing to become data-driven.

Tell us about your career and why big data has become such a phenomenon?

My career passion is managing technical training divisions for software or services companies. I have been involved in technical education since the early ’90s and have seen the emergence of key technologies such as Java, Linux and now Hadoop. The audiences we see for big data technical training are enterprise and mid-market customers who are increasingly turning to big data solutions to move them forward.




What is the key focus of your training offering?

The variety of technical and non-technical courses from Think Big provide deep skills training for companies who need to quickly gain capabilities in their chosen big data technologies.

What are the most popular courses?

The most sought after courses are in the areas of Apache Spark plus Hadoop development and administration. Topics such as Spark, Spark Streaming, Apache Pig and Hive are the most requested technologies where customers want more help.

How do you select the training partners and courses to ensure the portfolio is aligned with the emerging technologies?

Due to our excellent reputation in the market, we are often approached by vendors wanting to partner with us to provide their technology training. We assess whether to build a course based on market demand, potential, and alignment with our current services offerings. We also align our training services offerings with our consulting services to ensure we provide a total, end-to-end solution.

What is new in the Big Data training space?

Apache Spark is a fast in-memory engine for large-scale data processing. It has swiftly moved into the number one position as a “must-have” technology, and we now have several Spark training offerings to cater to this demand. Soon we will be launching training on Apache Nifi which is a powerful and reliable system to process and distribute data. Going forward, Nifi will become a vital part of customer systems.

What does the future look like for big data training?

We see more interest from customers not only in the UK but all over EMEA who send their staff to our public training or dedicated onsite courses. About 15 years ago, the self-paced/online training market seemed to be the future. However, since then customers are increasingly demanding instructor-led training to exploit the full potential of big data technologies. We will continue to address the needs of our customers by providing high quality instructor-led training from our team of expert practitioners.

To learn more or to book a public course seat or a course tailored to your company’s specific needs, please feel free to contact Jasmine by emailing: [email protected].

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