Worldpay and Think Big Drive Big Data Engagement Through Hortonworks Community Challenge

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The UK team at Think Big recently collaborated with Worldpay in the Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) competition. The Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) is a web-based public forum that offers experts a chance to share knowledge, ask and answer questions, and debate the latest Big Data trends.

The Hortonworks Community Challenge enables individuals and organizations to achieve public awareness and to promote their skills by answering each other’s questions in a forum. The more questions, answers, and endorsements each team gives and receives, the more reputation points are earned. Points are tallied in real-time on the gamified HCC leader board, encouraging a good dose of industry competition.

The HCC competition was initiated by Worldpay Programme Director, David Walker, who approached Think Big’s consultancy experts with the intention of forming a partnership that would see the two companies go head-to-head against other consultancies. The competition ran for three months, during which time teams battled for ‘reputation points’ awarded by the Hortonworks Community Connection.

Even though Hortonworks Community Connection was a friendly competition, there was significant benefit to the big data community. “The Hortonworks Community Connection is a great platform for Big Data professionals to meet their peers and share expertise,” said David Walker. “The idea for the competition was borne out of this – to incentivize our industry to create more conversation and debate, and the competition achieved that.”

The three-month challenge began in April and was brought to a close last month when the Worldpay/Think Big team was announced as the official HCC challenge winner. Think Big tallied 552 reputation points, a testimony to its contributions to the contest.

Christian Prokopp, Engineering Director at Think Big, said: “The Hortonworks Community Challenge is a fantastic initiative, not only because it brought the Think Big and Worldpay teams closer together, but also because it drove industry engagement and helped all players expand upon the depth and breadth of their Big Data expertise.”

Since taking part in the Hortonworks Community Connection, the relationship between Think Big and Worldpay has gone on to flourish, and we continue to work together both with customers and the wider big data community to share knowledge and expertise.

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