OLAP for Hadoop: Summarized Event Data in Seconds

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All kinds of devices generate event data (e.g. web browsers, set top boxes, call centers).  Companies that harvest these data streams either in near real-time (defined in minutes) or real-time (seconds) are better able to understand customer or device behavior and thereby use those learnings to improve overall corporate performance.


But there’s a dirty little secret in that some of these “learnings” are locked away in the Hadoop file system and inaccessible by business users clamoring for event data to analyze. So then, how does a business gain access to time-series data to interact, drill-down, and perform year over year comparisons?


Read this complimentary report from 451 Group on “Welcome to OLAP on Hadoop: The Cube Meets the Elephant,” and find out why there’s really no alternative to pre-computing aggregate results (i.e. the cube) for event data so that business users can investigate large amounts (from TB to PB) of event data in seconds.


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“Companies with applications that require real-time or near real-time feedback and deep dimensional drill-down capability need to have fast and scalable access to Hadoop data. Think Big’s Dashboard Engine provides an interactive OLAP on Hadoop solution for business users to get the data they need in a timely fashion.” – Krishna Roy, analyst, 451 Group

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