3 Tips on Data Storage Management

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One of the greatest business drivers of Big Data adoption is an organization’s focus on Cost Containment and Scale. While there are certainly situations where the use of traditional data storage solutions is appropriate, we find more often than not that newer Big Data technologies are a better way to meet an organization’s needs. Below we’ve outlined three tips on data storage management. 


1. Commit to Big Data Technologies: Hadoop and its fast growing ecosystem of open-source innovation has crossed the chasm as a data management platform that is a critical piece of any organization’s data storage, data processing and analytics strategy. Every company regardless of size or Industry will benefit from incorporating Hadoop as a platform into their organization.


2.  Use the right Data Management Platform for the Right Purpose: Incorporating Hadoop as the foundation of a company’s data storage and processing platform does not mean that other platforms are replaced.  It is a leave and layer strategy to effectively use Hadoop, noSQL,streaming, massive parallel processing, relational, data-warehousing, business intelligence and application specific platforms for the right purpose but the data asset that you can create by having all data regardless of structure or size land in Hadoop gives organizations a chance at rapid innovation.


3. Become a Data-Driven Organization: By landing all data into a Hadoop platform, organizations will break down the analytic silos that currently exist.  Allowing data scientists from all business units to develop new insights that effectively utilize all data that the company has access to in order to minimize redundant copies of data and to allow for many more innovative analytics projects to incubate that have a shot of bringing value and predictive solutions to market.  

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